What To Do After 12th Science, Arts & Commerce?

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Best Career Options after 12th | What Should Commerce, Science, Math, and Art Students Do After 12th?: After passing the 12th class, is a turning point in the student’s life of the students. Because after passing 12, students leave school life and enter college life, Student’s career largely depends on the courses they choose after 12th.

Therefore it is necessary to choose the right subjects and courses after passing 12th, however, many students find it difficult to decide what to do after 12. Only after passing 12, students can enter college and can specialize in their favorite subject.

After passing the 12th class, many students are confused about what to do after the 12th and the best courses after 12. What to do after 12 largely depends on the subjects in which you have passed 12th and how many marks you have scored.

You can also take guidance from your older teachers regarding what to do after 12th, apart from this, in this article we are also going to tell you about What should Commerce, Science, and Art students do after 12th, as well as about the Best courses after 12.

What to do after the 12th?

After completing the 12th class, a new turn comes in the academic life of the students. This stage marks a significant transition from school life to higher education or professional pursuits, creating a platform for their future careers.

After passing 12th, students have many options, they can apply for Bachelor’s degree, learn technical skills, or do a diploma course in any field. You can pursue Bachelor’s degree in Arts stream (History, Geography, Economics, Political Science), Science stream, or Commerce stream after the 12th. You can gain practical skills and training through various diploma courses.

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What should PCM (Science) students do after the 12th?

Most of the 12th-class students passing out from the PCM side go into the engineering field. On the other hand, students who are interested in research and becoming professors do B.Sc. Apart from this, PCM students can do almost all the courses in Arts and Commerce. PCM students can do the following courses after the 12th:-

B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology)

B.Tech, or Bachelor of Technology, is a popular four-year undergraduate degree program pursued by students after completing class 12 in the PCM stream. Through the B. tech course, you are provided with specialization in various engineering disciplines such as; Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

The course fee for B.Tech varies from institute to institute, the fee depends on the prestige of the college, facilities available, and other expenses, however, scholarships are provided to the students in B.Tech. On completion of a B. Tech degree, students get ample employment opportunities in various sectors.

After doing B. Tech, you get great opportunities to make a career in industries like software development, manufacturing, telecommunication, construction, energy, and mechanical engineering. “Best Career Options after 12th | What Should Commerce, Science, Math, and Art Students Do After 12th?”

Bachelor of Archaeology

Bachelor of Archeology is an undergraduate degree program that usually takes 3 to 4 years. This degree program introduces students to the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation and analysis of artifacts, structures, and other physical vestige. This program is generally associated with research in archaeology, anthropology, history, and other related disciplines.

The tuition fee for the Bachelor of Archeology program varies depending on the university and institution. Generally, its fees can range from 55000 to a few lakhs. After completing this degree, students get job opportunities in many sectors. Such as cultural resource management, museum and heritage organizations, education and research, archaeologists in government agencies or heritage management, etc.

What should PCB (Science) students do after the 12th?

Those students who pass 12th from the PCB side, are already clear about their career, these students only going to the doctor or medical field pass 12th from the PCB stream. You can get MBBS or BDS degree to become a doctor. Apart from this, there are many degree programs after passing 12th from the PCB side, by completing which you can get a job in various fields. The major courses after the 12th PCB student are as follows:-


After passing the 12th standard, MBBS opens up many job opportunities for students in the medical field. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) is a five-and-a-half-year undergraduate program undertaken by students who aspire to become a doctor. The MBBS course provides comprehensive knowledge and practical training in various medical disciplines.

The cost of pursuing an MBBS varies depending on the country and the institute you choose. In some countries, such as India, government medical colleges offer subsidized education, resulting in lower fees in government institutions compared to private medical colleges.

After completing MBBS, individuals can pursue a postgraduate specialization in various fields like cardiology, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, orthopedics, etc. MBBS graduates can look for job opportunities in hospitals, clinics, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, and public health organizations. Apart from this, you can also open your own clinic center or hospital. “Best Career Options after 12th | What Should Commerce, Science, Math, and Art Students Do After 12th?”


BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) is a popular undergraduate program pursued by students interested in dentistry. It is a five-year course that focuses on dental science and oral health. To do BDS, students may have to pay fees ranging from 50 thousand to 25 lakhs. This varies depending on the institutions you choose. Generally, dental treatment is expensive due to the required specialized equipment and clinical training.

Once the BDS is completed, many job opportunities open up for the students. You can work as a general dentist in private dental clinics or government hospitals. You can also follow postgraduate studies in specialized areas such as Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, periodontics, and pedodontics.

What should Commerce students do after the 12th?

After doing commerce from the 12th, you can do finance, management, law, and many other related courses. Most of the students do B.Com after 12th commerce, this is because some students do B.Com due to a lack of knowledge about more courses. It is not that B.Com is not a good course, B.Com is a good course, but except B.Com there are many other better courses, let’s know about those courses: –


BBS full form is Bachelor of Business Studies, It is an undergraduate degree that provides students with a solid foundation in business and management. After completing 12th standard BBS can be a great option for you to make a career in the business sector. The duration of a BBS course is usually 3 years, during which students gain a comprehensive understanding of various subjects like economics, accounting, marketing, finance, organizational behavior, and entrepreneurship.

The fee for doing BBS depends on the institution and country in which you are studying. After completing a BBS degree you can get employment in both the public and private sectors. This includes areas such as banking, finance, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, and general management.  You can also work in multinational companies, government organizations, non-profit organizations, and startups or start your own business.

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Today Chartered Accountants (CA) is a highly demanding profession in the field of finance and accounting. When you complete the CA course after completing the 12th class then you get wide job opportunities and a good salary. As a CA, you can work in the sectors of corporate organizations, public accounting firms, government agencies, financial institutions, and consulting firms.

You can also specialize in areas such as taxation, auditing, financial planning, Financial risk management, and advisory services. CA professionals are in demand globally, hence it is an internationally recognized qualification. The salary of a CA depends on your job profile and company size, apart from this the salary of a CA also depends on the experience.

What should Art students do after the 12th?

Students who have passed 12th from the Arts stream have an array of degree options available to them. The art stream includes subjects like History, Sociology, Political Science, and Geography, which in the future provide job opportunities to Art students in many fields including civil services. “Best Career Options after 12th | What Should Commerce, Science, Math, and Art Students Do After 12th?”


BA LLB, whose full form is Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law. It is a popular undergraduate program after 12th in which students study law and constitution. The duration of pursuing a BA LLB degree is 5 years and pursuing BA LLB after the 12th standard opens up vast job opportunities. Those who have completed BA LLB can work as lawyers in law firms, corporate organizations, or government agencies. Apart from this, they can also opt for judicial services and work as a judge, magistrate, or government pleader. In addition, there are ample job opportunities in legal research, education, and legal consultancy.

After completing graduation from BA LLB, you can also specialize in areas such as criminal law, corporate law, intellectual property law, Human rights law, or constitutional law, which can further expand your career. The starting salary of a lawyer can be 2-3 lakhs and as the experience increases, your salary also increases.

Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.EI.Ed) 

Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.EI.Ed) is a four-year undergraduate program. In which those candidates are involved who want to become teachers in primary school. The curriculum of B.EI.Ed equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively educate young children. After completing B.EI.Ed degree after 12th class, graduates have various job opportunities and you are also given good salary after B.E.Ed.

After completing this degree program you get employment opportunities in various sectors. Such as primary school teachers, teacher education consultants in NGOs, education administrators, etc. After completing B.EI.ED degree, if you get a government school teacher job, then your salary can be from 5.5 lacks to 9 lacks. “Best Career Options after 12th | What Should Commerce, Science, Math, and Art Students Do After 12th?”

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Que:- Which are the courses with the highest salary after passing 12th?
Ans:- If you do these courses after the 12th, then you can get the highest salary job, this course is as follows- Engineering (B.E/B.Tech), Medicine (MBBS) Paramedical Courses. Pharmacy, Architecture (B.Arch), and Commercial Pilot Training.

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