Valentine Week 2023 Full List: 7 to 14 Feb – Complete Schedule

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Valentine Week Days 2023 Full List: 7 to 14 Feb, Complete Schedule – Today is Which Day of Valentine Week: Love is a feeling of deep affection, loyalty, and enthusiasm. It is unconditional and helpful, love sometimes brings both happiness and sadness. But Valentine’s Day will definitely bring you happiness and make you feel loved. This valentine’s is celebrated all over the world in western culture, and it is a festival of love and also it is considered a symbol.

Because each and every day of valentine week is important so love birds spend each and every day of valentine week together and enjoy it in their own way. This week-long festival is celebrated by people of all ages, but the youth seem to be more enthusiastic about it. This Valentine’s Day (festival of love), celebrated on February 14, begins with Rose Day on February 7 and continues throughout the week. It keeps on showering the love birds in the shower of love.

Lastly, on Valentine’s Day, people come together with their loved ones, family, and friends to share wishes and gifts. Valentine’s Day has its own history and each day has its own story, let’s know about Valentine’s Day and the complete timetable and calendar of valentine week 2023.

Valentine Week Days 2023 Full List: 7 to 14 Feb, Complete Schedule - Today is Which Day of Valentine Week

History of Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration celebrated on 14 February, named after a Christian martyr priest of the same name who was executed by a ruler. Its origins are somewhat obscure, although it is widely believed to have originated with Roman festivals such as Lupercalia and spread throughout the world.

Until its association with romantic love became more defined during the Middle Ages, the holiday was entirely religious in nature and bears no resemblance to the modern Valentine, which in those days was a symbol of courtly love and chivalry.

By the 18th century, Valentine’s Day greetings began to be exchanged between lovers in Europe and America, and today it remains one of the most popular holidays around the world, with people wishing their spouses or partners a token of affection and giving cards, flowers, and gifts. Earlier only Valentine’s Day was celebrated, later 6 more days were added to make it Valentine’s Week.

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

On the day of Valentine’s Day, everyone gives cards and cards to each other, people express their love and romance with their partner. It is a day celebrated by every age group and gifts are exchanged. But no one knows the root cause behind it. This is what we are going to tell through this article today.

A ruler named Claudius is believed to have lived in 270 BC. Many people used to call him mad because it seemed from his actions that although the ruler was not mad, he just thought from a political point of view. The reason why that ruler was considered mad by the people was that he was against marriage. He believed that men who do not marry are better and more skillful warriors and more devoted to their work, so he banned marriages in the kingdom.

Opposite him was a priest named St. Valentine, who believed in marriage and the bond of love. He helped many couples who wanted to get married. But when the emperor Claudius came to know about this, he ordered the execution of St. Valentine for going against the king’s thinking, and he was hanged.

However, after his execution, believers in love remembered St. Valentine as a martyr rather than a traitor, and every year since then, Pope Gelasius has celebrated St. Valentine’s Day on February 14 to honor and pay tribute to his sacrifice. Announced and this was later celebrated worldwide as Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Week Days 2023 Full List

If you are also waiting for Valentine Day Week 2023, then soon your wait is going to end, because there are only a few days left for Valentine’s Week. Then you will be able to dive into the ocean of love with your partner. The Valentine Week 2023 list below covers the period and days from 7th February to 14th February in detail. Apart from this, we have also mentioned the post-Valentine days.

The complete list of Valentine Week 2023 from 7th to 21st February is mentioned below. In short, the first day is Rose Day followed by Hug Day, Third Day Chocolate Day, Kiss Day, etc. On this day dedicated to St. Valentine, all the shops are decorated tremendously, and big hotels, and restaurants keep special offers and programs on this day of love. People go to restaurants and hotels on a large scale for dinner with their partners, and shopping is done in malls on this day. “Valentine Week Days 2023 Full List: 7 to 14 Feb, Complete Schedule – Today is Which Day of Valentine Week”

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Rose Day 2023 (7 February)

Roses mark the beginning of this love-filled weekly season, the day officially declares that Valentine’s Week has begun. Rose Day is a widely recognized and celebrated event across the globe. On this day you can not only give roses to your beloved but also express your love to the ones you love like friends, family, and partners.

It takes place annually on 7th February and roses are given to each other as a symbol of adoration and appreciation. Different rose colors have different meanings, the most famous rose representing passion and love is the red rose. It encapsulates the expression of romantic love through scented petals.

Propose Day 2023 – (8 February)

The second day of the week is for expression, on this day a boyfriend or girlfriend shares his/ her heart with his/ her potential partner and tells how he/ she feels about him/ her. It is challenging to propose your crush on certain days or occasions but this day makes your dilemma easy.

To express your love to your crush, plan a romantic candlelight dinner in secret (keep in mind it should be a surprise for your partner) and make the day memorable for your partner.

Chocolate Day 2023 – (9 February)

You have proposed to your partner that is the beginning of a new relationship and anything is always started with a sweet, it can be anything sweet. But because Valentine originated from Western culture, the importance of chocolate as a sweet on this day increases.

On this day you can give chocolates as a gift to your partner, by doing this it will show your partner’s commitment towards your love. It will become more romantic when you make chocolate with your own hands and gift it to your partner by doing some creativity.

Teddy Day 2023 – (10 February)

While sleeping, every person has a habit of sleeping by keeping something or the other with him, due to which he gets good sleep and also gets rest. And it has been seen more in the case of girls, girls often sleep with a pillow or teddy while sleeping. On this day celebrated every year on February 10, you can gift a good teddy to your partner.

Teddy is the best sleeping partner for a girl, and when she sleeps with the teddy gifted by you, she will think of you every moment, which will deepen the love between the two of you. Apart from this, your partner will feel that you are with him. “Valentine Week Days 2023 Full List: 7 to 14 Feb, Complete Schedule – Today is Which Day of Valentine Week”

Promise Day 2023 – (11 February)

Promise Day, which is celebrated every year on February 11, serves to remind us of the critical role that promises can play in building strong relationships. Be it a new relationship or an old one, the deeper the roots of trust are, the deeper the love, so on the special occasion of Promise Day, give every promise to your partner that can make him happy.

By celebrating Promise Day, people recognize their commitments and relationships and assure their loved ones that they will always be able to count on them for support.

Hug Day 2023 – (12 February)

A magical hug or a sweet hug can melt away your tensions. But on Valentine’s day, there is no better way to show your lover how much you love and cherish them than by giving them a warm, tight, and affectionate hug. A partner always expects a hug from their other partner and on Hug Day this hug is a great opportunity to get closer to your soul mate.

Additionally, a hug is an opportunity to assure them that you will always love them like this and stand by them through all the ups and downs of life. “Valentine Week Days 2023 Full List: 7 to 14 Feb, Complete Schedule – Today is Which Day of Valentine Week”

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Kiss Day 2023 – (13 February)

Kissing Day can give a new and important turn to the relationship, kissing your partner with your will shows that your partner has started trusting you and wants to move forward with your relationship with you. In addition, kissing is a process that communicates affection in the body and it shows commitment.

Kissing is common in western lands in a relationship for some time but it is not at all the case in India, it would be very complicated for any new partner. That’s why it would be good to kiss keeping in mind the wishes of the coming partner.

Valentine’s Day 2023 – (14 February)

Valentine’s Day is an annual festival celebrated on 14 February to remember the concept of love and affection. Popular activities associated with the day include exchanging cards or small gifts between loved ones, attending special dinners, and hugging or kissing.

Valentine’s Day, which is considered to be the most romantic day of the year, is celebrated with great fanfare among lovers all over the world. After all, why not celebrate, it comes after all those days when love, care, and trust take their place among lovers.

On this day, instead of thinking with your head, you can be creative by thinking with your heart and giving a romantic day to your partner. On this day, go shopping with your partner, go for dinner, travel and do everything that can boost your love.

The Day After Valentine’s Day

After the love-filled days of Valentine’s Day, the breakup begins. It starts with Slap Day and finally this weekend as Breakup Day. Check out this week’s list below- “Valentine Week Days 2023 Full List: 7 to 14 Feb, Complete Schedule – Today is Which Day of Valentine Week”

  • Slap Day:- February 15 (Wednesday)
  • Kick Day:- February 16 (Thursday)
  • Perfume Day:- February 17 (Friday)
  • Flirting Day:-February 18 (Saturday)
  • Confession Day:- February 19 (Sunday)
  • Missing Day:- February 20 (Monday)
  • Break up day:- February 21 (Tuesday)

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Conclusion (Valentine Week Days 2023 Full List)

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on 14th February. This weekly festival has its own importance each day, from Rose Day, Propose Day, and Teddy to Kiss Day and Hug Day are celebrated in Valentine week. On the day of love, preparations are done on a large scale in western countries and everyone becomes a part of it. People give cards, and various gifts to their partners and share romantic moments during this week.

In this 7-day event, Valentine’s Day is given the most important because the saint in whose name it is celebrated was killed by the ruler on this day. We have shared with you the entire timetable for Valentine week 2023, if you liked this article then do share it with your friends.

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