Top 10 Best Online Real Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment

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Top 10 Best Online Real Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment: In our generation, we all crave to earn money at an early age, not an internship. It’s more like a side making, so we don’t need to stress about asking for money from our parents when required.

If we are talking about students, at 18 years old, they think about earning real money without any investment. It will shock you how the lockdown and internet brought new opportunities to us.

Are you willing to make some real money without investments? There are several offers so that one can choose to earn real money without worrying about security and investments.   

You can get thousands of paid jobs like these, where you don’t have to give money to earn a particular amount. You came to the right page, and you need not worry; we have listed the top 10 secured and best online real money-earning apps in India.

Top 10 Best Online Real Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment

Top 10 Best Online Real Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment

If you have a smartphone or a computer device where you can invest your time to earn real cash, you do not need anything more. Nowadays, most of us earn money through online part-time jobs where we can enjoy flexible working hours. Smartphones and the internet have become Saviour to us, providing many ways to make money online.

Here are some best results of the Top 10 best money-earning apps in India without any investment:  


Here in this app, people have earned over twelve million bitcoins free. They have a better payout and can make more money than they can imagine for their future. It allows the user to earn more money by playing the games they like; they also get paid for watching videos and shopping online.

You can earn from 1 million to 15 million dollars for only participating in online surveys. You can also receive credits if you get disqualified from a survey. In addition, you can see the impact of your responses among brands and businesses.

You can play games on your mobile phone or desktop browser to earn exclusive coins and gifts while you play. This app is straightforward to use. All you need to do is sign up, create a new account, and log in to your account to get started.   

You can play games and earn unique coins through your mobile phone and desktop. Play games and earn gifts and cash. Users must complete the assigned tasks to get more coins and level their points. Complete the quick offers and share your opinion to complete the survey daily and earn bitcoins.


This is one of the most secure web apps where you can earn real-time money without investment and extra income. All you need is a smartphone which is most common for every teenager. This mobile app, “SB Answer- Survey that pays,” is available on all Android phones.   

You can earn free money anytime and from anywhere at Swagbucks. There are some ways that one needs to follow to make real money:  

  • You need to survey daily  
  • The user needs to answer questions every day  
  • Attain the daily polls  
  • Play games you prefer and make real money  
  • Watch videos and earn exclusive coins and gifts

It’s an easy and convenient app to revive your money without investment. Here you can get your earnings as SB and convert them into gift cards and cash through PayPal. “Top 10 Best Online Real Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment”


YSense formerly called ”Clixsense”, is one of the most popular services that enables users to get paid according to their contributions, such as leaving various reviews, watching ads, doing small tasks online, etc.

It was first made public in 2007 and started as a “Paid-to-Click” service, but later, in 2017, they rebranded their business model to “Get-Paid-To,” which is what we see now in their review/watch ad to get paid method.   

While using ySense, you have the choice of any of the following ways to engage in getting paid:  

  • Get Paid for Surveys: Lend your piece of mind to the surveyors and get paid for it! Complete simple surveys daily to get sizeable rewards while contributing positively to the community.  
  • Get paid to watch ads: Currently, we are forcefully fed ads from all viewing services across the internet, so why not get paid for it for once? Using ySense, you can do precisely that!  
  • Get paid to do small tasks: Play small games or visit specific sites and look around while getting paid for it. You will get paid to kill time with this app!  
  • Get paid to refer: Got friends who could use some quick bucks? Refer this app to your friends and get a kickback out of it.  

You can readily transfer the money you earn through this app directly to your Bank or other payment apps (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) without hassle.

Google Opinion Rewards

We all know about google, but very few of us know that Google essentially pays you to voice your opinion on certain things! It is a reward-based app created by Google Survey Team to gather the public’spublic’s opinion on specific apps, services, etc. This is one of the most straightforward ways of getting quick money on the internet and the most trustable option.

It is your choice what to do with the money received; you can directly convert it to Play store credit for massive discounts on paid apps or withdraw it to your bank account just as quickly! 

Do various tasks listed on the app to gain your reward. The surveys are mostly related to your shopping or streaming practices, so most of the surveys should be familiar to you.

You can tell whatever you desire to see in those specific services. So, in technicality, you are getting paid to say whatever you wish to see in those services. “Top 10 Best Online Real Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment”


Are you an avid photographer and like to click photos of various natures? Why not monetize your work by selling it on Foap? Using Foap, you can sell your photos to anyone interested, and the fun thing is making money this way is entirely passive! No need to actively spend your time to earn money, all you have to do is list your photo for sale on Foap, and anyone can buy your images now. 

A bit of a head up, this app charges a portion of your sales, so do keep this in mind if you aren’taren’t seeing your ”full” expected amount in your account after each sale.

But still, this beats all other active pursuits for money. But your work needs to stand out more than the rest to gain the most out of this. This is where your photography skill should come into play.

Foap is still good if you consider yourself amateur; look for unique topics, and surely there will be an audience for it. Foap is free to download from both Google Play Store and App Store.


This is one of the most popular apps in this ‘play to earn’ category. Loco took the internet by storm upon its release. Its success can be attributed to its simple user interface and lack of complexity in signing up.

The rules are simple, win as many quiz questions as possible and earn your rewards according to your performance in the said contest. It runs in real time and can be played at set intervals. Getting started with this app is easy and linking your Paytm account is just as fast. 

This app was formerly known as Showtime App and imitated the popular TV show KBC. Choosing the correct answers will bring you closer to the best rewards. Choosing the wrong answer will result in termination from that game.

So, a word of advice would be to practice caution while giving answers. Though this can be counteracted using ‘life’ points you can receive when you refer this app to a friend.

Once they redeem your referral, a ‘life’ will be added to your account to give you more headroom to receive the prize money. “Top 10 Best Online Real Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment”

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This is one of the relatively newer browsers which uses the ‘Blockchain’ Technology to let the users earn money while doing nothing other than using the app. Users make BAT (abbreviation for Basic Attention Token) when watching ads.

Brave’s native currency, which users can earn if they consent to watch a few ads for payout. All of its services emphasize privacy greatly hence why it is a perfect choice. Brave’s currency can be exchanged on many platforms for real money. Where in return, cash can be transferred to your banking account. 

Using Brave is also easy because usability was kept in mind while designing every aspect of this app. All the ads shown are not personalized; hence you can rest assured none of your data is being sold.

Brave is open source, so you can rest easily considering. It won’t hide any malware that can harm your devices. Also, your earned tokens are stored in cryptographically secured digital ‘wallets’.

There is no chance of getting hacked in the traditional sense. It is free to download from any reputable app store. It is just as fast as any popular browser, even when loaded with many quality-of-life features.  


Currently, PanelPlace is considered one of the best Paid Survey apps where users can easily enroll for countless surveys. Here, you can get paid for completing the surveys chosen by the users.

PanelPlace is easy to navigate and provides a perfect beginners friendly interface to work with. The main selling point of this app is the flexibility in how users can get paid, be it cash, coupons, vouchers, or even donations to various charities directly from this application! 

For ease of usage, PayPal is the most preferred way to get paid directly from the surveying site. Through these paid surveys, you can freely express yourself on products or services you are used to.

Also, to new product innovations and get paid for them in the process. PanelPlace is user-friendly, not only for users who are looking for quick money. This is also for business partners who regularly submit paid surveys on this platform.

As far as legitimacy goes, this is one of the most trustable platforms to get money. This app is free to download and use, so get this app quickly on your devices today. “Top 10 Best Online Real Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment”


This app is entirely different when compared to other apps in the list. Suppose you consider yourself proficient in an important subject. Such as English, Hindi, and Mathematics, you can choose to enroll as a full/part-time tuition teacher.

You can enroll in their services once you have proved your proficiencies and can start your job. Albeit a stark contrast from other apps in this list, this has the potential to earn. Most of you can make about ₹40,000, which no other application in this list even comes close to. 

They have the following criteria for teaching application:  

  • Minimum 18 years of age  
  • Female  
  • 12th Pass AND Currently in College (Graduation) or Completed College  
  • Have good communication skills and a keen interest in teaching students  
  • Be very strong in academics or extra-curricular activities  

Their services are free; they also provide free marketing for those in need. You can choose to work as per your schedule and convenience.


This might be the unexpected entry in this list as most of us might know this app as a social media like any other popular one. But what separates this app from all the different social media? It is the ability to earn cryptocurrency for something as simple as making a post or commenting.

The app developer has started integrating blockchains in this app where users can earn ‘Community Points,’ each group’s form of currency, to show appreciation to other users.

But as this feature is still experimental, this has been implemented into two subreddits. One is r/FortniteBR, and the other is r/Cryptocurrency.

If you are proficient with the game ‘Fortnite’ or well-versed in cryptocurrency, you can regularly post valuable comments and posts there.

If the community likes your contribution, they can enjoy your post, which in turn gives you some currency at the end of the month depending on how much your posts were upvoted, OR users can directly transfer some points (this entirely depends on the user’s choice) to you.

These points are kept in your ‘Vault’ that you can access using the Reddit app. Here is an excellent guide if you are genuinely interested. “Top 10 Best Online Real Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment”

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All the above-listed sites are excellent ways to earn extra money for a student, and all are trustworthy. At the date of writing this article, no suspicious activity has been reported about any of these applications.

But be sure to practice caution as things on the internet are prone to sudden change fast. So before signing up and entrusting all your private info, please look into the applications again.

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