How to Find Live Location of Mobile Number 

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How to Find and Track Live Location of Mobile Number | Find and Trace Live Location | How to Check Live Location of Mobile Number: Nowadays, we need to question what Technology can’t do. We enjoy every facility and can use them for our primary benefits.

For example, finding mobile numbers’ live locations was a myth. We can get access to mobile number locations and can track them. Now, one can find a live place by any mobile or phone number free of cost and with the help of several verified apps. You can track where your family member or friend is by only their number.

Several apps will help you get information about your close or known person. You can track anyone’s number without letting them know.

How to Find and Track Live Location of Mobile Number | Find and Trace Live Location | How to Check Live Location of Mobile Number

How to Find the Live Location of Mobile Number 

These apps are mostly verified and safe to use; thus, one need not worry about their information getting leaked. Also, one can download these apps for free, which can be installed on any smartphone or computer. 

Some of the famous and trustable apps or sites are listed below.

Findandtrace is a website that helps you to track the location by phone or mobile number. You can access information such as name, city, place, network, and caller ID.

This is an extremely useful site in India that allows you to find your mobile phone if lost. Finding your phone becomes easier when tracking your mobile phone by its number. These have several befits, and the number owner does not get any notification regarding the search.  

Do apps like these make your work much easier if only you know how to use them? Don’t worry; this site comes free of cost. All you need to do is enter a valid mobile number along with its country code in the beginning.

Such as, India’s Country code is +91, and then the number. This site offers one of the most reasonable tracking solutions among all other tracking sites and apps.

It gives you the following benefits: 

  • You can track any sim holder of Airtel, Jio, Idea, and BSNL. 
  •  One can get all the related information, from name, place, and SIM company to live location, caller info, and ID. 
  • GPS location 
  • Current Location 
  • Local time on the cell phone 
  • State and Country name 
  • Latest Trace


The most interesting subject is that this app works on Android and iOS platforms. With the help of Famisafe, any individual can track any valid device with its explicit features.

This app is verified and safe to use and has a rating of 4.2 stars on the Google Play Store. This app can get detailed information and track the cell phone’s life location.  

Nowadays, this app is mainly used for safe and intelligent parenting to track their child’s location if they get themselves in trouble. It’s better to take precautions beforehand.

Famisafe helps you to track real-time location. Here you can also check in and out the last details you need. It has a feature that has parental control setting that allows you to have a live track on your child.

Even though it sounds more like spying, it can save your son or daughter from getting into trouble. “How to Find and Track Live Location of Mobile Number | Find and Trace Live Location | How to Check Live Location of Mobile Number”

It gives you the benefits of the following:  

  • Knowing the current location of your kid. 
  • Informs you about the places they visited. 
  • Set up a geofence and the time range. 
  • Alerts you when they leave the geofence. 
  • Get notified about their whereabouts.

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Google Maps

You must have heard about google maps. It is one of the most popular apps for tracking someone’s device with the help of their phone number. Google Maps allows you to find your cell phone if you have lost it or if someone stole it.

This app keeps your data safe and doesn’t seek permission other than your location and Wi-Fi. Google Maps has a rating of about 4.2 in the Play store, which shows that this app is trustable.

You can get the current location if someone shares their location with you. Thus, it required the permission of both individuals. This app is available for iOS as well as Android devices.

The individual can entirely trust this app’s results, and it has lots of inbuilt functions that one can enjoy. Google Maps helps you find the person you’re trying to reach and saves you time. Here, you can easily explore several other places to visit, and it is easy to use.

Google maps are very much known to most of us as sometimes we search for places in this app to find the shortest route. Some of its features are as follows: 

  • Any individual can get free access to their target device’s location. 
  • You can also track their live location and find their mobile’s location free of cost. 
  • It gives you maximum accuracy in tracking someone down.  
  • It uses GPS, GPRS, and Wi-Fi to get someone’s location. 
  • One can locate more than one particular device at a time.

Family Locator

This is also a location tracker; by the name, you get to gather some idea about what it is. It is a location-tracking app that works on both iOS and Android platforms.

Here the user can get detailed information about their friends and their family. It provides you with information free of cost, and it is safe to use this app. The Google Play Store has rated this app 4.4 stars, and it does not leak your information.  

Family Locator gives you information about the current location and updates you with their real-time location. Even though this app is free of cost, there are certain features you can only use after paying a fee of Rs. 320.

To get access to the premium features, you must pay a certain amount to enjoy its facilities. “How to Find and Track Live Location of Mobile Number | Find and Trace Live Location | How to Check Live Location of Mobile Number”


  • You get access to the real-time location of your family members. 
  • The user can install it on their smartphone or iOS.  
  • You can create safe and unsafe zones for your family members. 
  • The user gets an automatic notification when your kids or any members leave your permitted premises.  
  • If your child gets lost, they can send an SOS with their exact location with a single touch button.

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Find My Friend

This is also a device-tracking app that can track any mobile phone in less than an hour. It works on Android and iOS platforms and helps get out information about the person. Such as their name, place, live location, sim card company, and frequent visits.  

This is most helpful when your friend needs your help or gets lost somewhere. One cannot predict the danger one can get into; thus, it works as the most helpful device in such cases.

Imagine your friend is in trouble and needs your help, but she cannot send her location due to network issues. In these cases, you can track her down by her phone number and reach her in no time. Now isn’t it fantastic technology? 

This app is free, but if you want to enjoy the premium features, you need to buy it. The premium feature experience comes at Rs. 320 per month. The Google Play Store rated 3.7 Stars and is safe to use.

Features – 

  • You get to their live location without letting them know. 
  • If the user set up Location sharing and Family Sharing, your family will get an automatic update of your location. 
  • It is easy to use, and you can share your site only with the people you want.  
  • You can share your ETA with people on maps. 
  • The user can update their exact location via satellite after every 15 minutes.


This app also allows any user to track someone’s phone number. If you are wondering if it works on both Android and iOS platforms, the answer is YES. Users can trust this app entirely as it does not leak any information about the user.

You can freely use this app without worrying about disclosing your information to strangers. Google Play Store gave a rating of about 4.3 stars to this app. Hence, one can trust this app based on the reviews and results.

This app tracks the person’s real-time location by phone number if only their mobile phone is switched on. GLIMPSE uses GPS in your mobile phone to let you share the live location.

When you are sharing your location with someone, it is known as “sharing Glympse”. This app takes the help of third-party apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to get your location. “How to Find and Track Live Location of Mobile Number | Find and Trace Live Location | How to Check Live Location of Mobile Number”

Features – 

  • It provides APIs for sharing your current location. 
  • Glympse gives the user the exact information one needs about them. 
  • Location can be requested from any individual via Email and SMS. 
  • You can also control the time of live location sharing. 
  • Glympse does not require any internet connection thus, you can use it anytime and anywhere.

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GPS Phone Tracker

It is an app you can install on any device and is free of cost. It helps you to track a person with the help of their mobile number and GPS.

This app is straightforward to use and has several other features that one can enjoy. You can locate any valid number, which is recommended as India’s number one tracker app.  

The individual can track anyone’s location from home or anywhere worldwide. All you need is a phone or device where you can install this app to track their location.

You also get to know more details about them, such as their real name, country, city name, and every action of theirs. It constantly alerts you and lets you know about the person’s location.  

There are several features that one can use without any charges. Some of the features are as follows: 

  • You can get access to every detail about them.  
  • The user can track their exact live location and the most visited places.  
  • It shows you the route to reach them. 
  • You get alerted for every move they are taking. 
  • Nobody will know if you are spying on them or tracking them.  
  • You can install this app or use it online without disclosing your name and place.

Find My Phone

One can easily understand what this app is used for by its name. It’s a helpful app if you lost your phone or someone stole it while traveling. This app does not require any payments to enjoy better services; each feature is free.  

Find my phone is another phone tracker app that helps you locate your or someone’s phone. This app was mainly designed to track the location of the kids.

It is a parenting device that allows the parents to track their child’s movements. No parent wants their child to get lost or taken away.

Thus, if you are worried about your child, you can install this app and observe where your child is going. This app is primarily compatible with Android devices or OS. “How to Find and Track Live Location of Mobile Number | Find and Trace Live Location | How to Check Live Location of Mobile Number”

The features of this app are: 

  • Locate the phones owned by any member of your family or friends. 
  • You will remain Invisible, and the person won’t get a hunch about you tracking them. 
  • It provides you with regular updates. 
  • It locates the exact live location of your phone.

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COCOSPY is one of the best-known apps for location tracking. People prefer this app more than others as it is cheap and reliable. It works on Android and iPhone, but the subscription price differs from one another. This app works explicitly and has an inbuilt feature to provide you with the location of past and present places.  

The price for an Android user is 9.99 per month for an individual with several exciting features. Whereas for iPhone users, the price is 10.83 per month. This app is straightforward and convenient to use.  

It tracks the targeted user’s device with the help of GPS, SIM card, Phone Number, and Wi-Fi.  

The features of this app are: 

  • With COCOSPY, you can access their SIM card details and caller ID. 
  • You can also get their IMEI Number. 
  • The user gets notified if the targeted person changes their SIM card. 
  • You only need to create an account and follow some steps to get updated on their every move. 

Eyezy (How to Find Live Location of Mobile Number)

EyeZy is an app that is used for tracking people with the help of a GPS tracking system. This is the best app for you if you want to keep track of the person constantly.

The only problem is installing this app on the target device. EyeZy fits with any Android and iPhone device, allowing users to enjoy its facilities.

This app does an excellent job of tracking someone down, and if you need to avail yourself of the other features, you need to purchase it.  

It tracks the targeted device with the help of its phone number and GPS. Also, it helps you to get other information about the place that is frequently visited.

A feature allows you to set a parameter for the person. The user will be instantly informed if they try to cross the zone. It has a bare minimum price of $9.99 for 12 months for the basic facilities. 

This app is easy to operate and comes with the best price. You only need to install this app on the targeted device to know its location. Eyezy is one of the best tracking apps; you would want to invest in this app to get the expected solutions. “How to Find and Track Live Location of Mobile Number | Find and Trace Live Location | How to Check Live Location of Mobile Number”  

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FAQs for How to Find Live Location of Mobile Number 

Can I track Live Location by Mobile number? 

ANS – One can easily track someone’s Live Location by their Mobile Number with the help of cell phone tracking applications. One such tracking app is mSpy.  

How can I find the location of a mobile number? 

ANS – You can find the live location of any mobile number with the help of certain apps and sites. You will get several apps that will help you to find their accurate location. 

How do I find someone’s Live location? 

ANS – One can find someone’s Live location with the help of a GPS Tracker and mobile phone number. There is an app named Minspy that helps in finding the Live Location of a device.  

How can I track a mobile number location for free?  

ANS – There are several apps that will help you to track a mobile number location without any cost. FINDANDTRACE is one such app that helps you track a number free of cost.

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Conclusion (How to Find Live Location of Mobile Number)

Isn’t it amazing that you can find and access their location without any payments? This article will provide you with all the information you need regarding “How to Find and Track Live Location of Mobile Number | Find and Trace Live Location | How to Check Live Location of Mobile Number”.

Tracking a location becomes easier if you have a number and a device. Several verified and safe apps help provide you with the site of your family member, friends, or relatives.

You can get such apps from the play store and the information you need. Some of these apps come cheap, so you can also purchase them for a better experience.

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