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Gobardhan Yojana (गोबर-धन योजना) 2023 Registration Form List Pdf Download, Apply Online, Last Date, etc.: Gobardhan Yojana which was started in the year 2018 by the Modi Government of the Center. The objective of this scheme was to double the income of farmers by 2023.

The central government is accepting online applications to benefit farmers under Gobardhan Yojana 2023. Any person can submit the application form by visiting the official website https://gobardhan.co.in/registration for Gobardhan Yojana 2023 apply online.

Under this scheme, the focus will be on the management of cattle dung and it will be done in the form of biofuel and CNG etc. The target of this scheme was to double the income of farmers by 2023.

Today, through this article, we will know what is Gobardhan Yojana. What are the benefits of Gobardhan Yojana and how to apply for Gobardhan Yojana? Along with this, we will understand how much positive impact the Gobardhan Yojana has had on the income of the farmers.

Gobardhan Yojana 2023 Registration

Gobardhan Yojana Launch Date 1 February 2023
Scheme  Regulating Authority Central Government
Motive of Gobardhan Yojana To increase the income of the farmers.
Under Which Mission Swachh Bharat Mission
Article Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website Click Here

What Is Gobardhan Yojana 2023?

The Galvanizing Organic Bio-Agro Resources. (Gobar) Dhan Yojana was first announced on 1st February 2018 by Late former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. The Gobar Dhan scheme aims to benefit rural communities, and the Gobardhan Yojana was aimed at doubling farmers’ income by 2023, especially by using clean bio-gas fuel.

This will improve health and hygiene in villages. The Gobar Dhan initiative supports the conversion of biodegradable waste into valuable resources. It provides economic and resource benefits to farmers and their families, supporting the goal of creating clean villages as part of the Swachh Bharat Mission (Grameen).

In the 41st Mann Ki Baat program on 25 February 2018, the Prime Minister encouraged farmers to switch to organic manure, bio-gas, and bio-fuel, which would reduce pollution and generate additional income for farmers. To facilitate this, the government has launched the Gobar Dhan Yojana portal.

What is Gobardhan Portal?

Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat recently launched a registration portal for the Gobardhan Yojana plant.  The government’s move aims to enhance waste management practices by establishing the portal as a comprehensive platform to promote investment evaluation and participation in the Biogas or Compressed Biogas (CBC) sector.

Union Minister Shekhawat emphasized that the registration portal will serve as a centralized repository,. This will enable government bodies, cooperatives, and private entrepreneurs to register for setting up biogas, Subsic, or bio-CNG plants across India.

This will enable us to obtain Unique Identification Number. The initiative seeks to streamline and facilitate the installation of these eco-friendly plants, thereby contributing to sustainable waste management and promoting renewable energy sources in the country. “Gobardhan Yojana (गोबर-धन योजना) 2023 Registration Form List Pdf Download, Apply Online, Last Date, etc”

Motive of Gobardhan Yojana 

  1. The primary objective of the Govardhan Yojana is to promote the effective management of cattle waste, especially cow, and buffalo dung, and urine. The objective of this scheme is to convert cattle waste into useful products like biogas and organic manure.
  2. The objective of the scheme is to create entrepreneurship opportunities in rural areas by promoting the establishment of biogas plants and other decentralized waste management units. By providing financial assistance and technical support, Govardhan Yojana encourages individuals and communities in rural areas to take up entrepreneurship in the area of ​​waste management and renewable energy.
  3. The third main objective of the government under this scheme is to increase the income of rural families mainly dependent on animal husbandry and agriculture. By generating biogas and organic manure from cattle waste, farmers can use these products for cooking, and agriculture.
  4. Another main objective of this scheme is to promote cleanliness in rural areas by making biogas from specific substances of animals.
  5. The Govardhan scheme is in line with the government’s commitment to mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By promoting the use of biogas as a clean energy source, the scheme contributes to reducing carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

How will farmers benefit from Gobardhan Yojana?

The Gobardhan Yojana has been started keeping in mind the interests of the farmers. Under this scheme, 115 districts have been identified across the country where plants for CNG, Biogas, and CBG will be set up. Under this scheme, individual biogas plants will be set up by Gram Panchayat in those houses of the village which have more than 5 animals, 1- 3 m³ biogas plants can be set up in such houses.

If the number of animals is more in a Gram Panchayat, then a normal biogas plant will be installed there. The capacity of these plants will be 4-10 m³. Farmers will be able to use the fertilizer made from this in their fields and will be able to use the gas as per their requirements.

Who can apply for Gobardhan Yojana?

Any government or private organization that wants to operate or set up a Biogas, CBG, or Bio CNG plant can register for the Gobardhan scheme. “Gobardhan Yojana (गोबर-धन योजना) 2023 Registration Form List Pdf Download, Apply Online, Last Date, etc”

How to register for Gobardhan Yojana 2023.

  • To apply for Gobardhan Yojana, first of all, visit the official website of Swachh Bharat Mission.
  • After this, click on the option of Dashboard appearing in the top menu on the homepage.
  • After going to the dashboard, click on the option of Gobardhan Portal on the left side.
  • After scrolling down a bit, click on the link ‘click here’ written in red color above the Unified Registration Portal for Gobardhan.
  • Now click on the section of register your biogas here and click on the option of ‘click here to register’.
  • Now enter all the necessary information being sought and click on Send OTP.
  • After flying, enter the mobile number, username, and password and submit.
  • Finally using these credentials you can log in and apply for the setting up of CNG plants.


When was the Gobardhan Yojana started?

Gobardhan Yojana was launched on 1 February 2018 by the then Finance Minister Late Arun Jaitley.

What is the purpose of the Gobardhan Yojana?

The objective of Gobardhan Yojana is to increase the income of farmers and reduce pollution in rural areas. Also, production of CNG, biogas from animal excreta, and promotion of organic farming.

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