Boat Smart Ring vs Noise Luna Ring {Best Price 2023}

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boAt Smart Ring vs Noise Luna Ring: If you are bored of using a smartphone and smartwatch, then a smart ring has come for you. All the facilities like a smartphone are available on this smart ring. Also, it does not have to be carried like a phone. Also, their cost is also much lower than that of smartphones.

Gadgets have become an important part of our lives today. After the Smartwatch, now companies are launching their respective smart rings in the market. Under which two famous companies of the country have introduced their smart ring.

Last month, Noise launched its smart ring called Noise Luna. So now bot has also launched its smart ring in the name of boAt Smart Ring. The boat has also listed its smart ring boAt Smart Ring on the company’s site. By the way, you will see the same in seeing these two rings. But in many respects, they are quite different from each other.

Boat Smart Ring vs Noise Luna Ring

Boat Smart Ring vs Noise Luna Ring – Overview

Gadgets TypeSmart Ring
CompanyBoat and Noise
PriceBoat Smart Ring – 8,999
Noise Luna Ring – 2,000
Where to Buy OnlineBoat Smart Ring – Click Here
Noise Luna Ring – Click Here
Article TypeTech Guide
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Boat Smart Ring vs Noise Luna Ring price

The boat has priced its first smart ring boAt Smart Ring at Rs 8,999. Which the company will make available online on Amazon and Flipkart from August 28. At the same time, the company has not shared any information regarding the price of the Noise Luna smart ring, although to buy its smart ring, the company has launched the Noise Luna Pass, which costs Rs 2,000.

Features of boAt Smart Ring

The boat has equipped its smart ring with many health features. In this, users have been included in the heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, and body temperature sensor, so that the body temperature can also be tracked. With the help of this ring, the consumer can also track his sleep. Boat Smart Ring is coming with Smart Touch Control.

Apart from this, features like measurement cycle tracking will also be available in this smart ring. The company has introduced its first smart ring with three size options namely 7, 9, and 11 i.e. 17.40mm, 19.15mm, and 20.85mm respectively. Apart from this, Boat has included a swipe navigation feature in its first smart ring. It comes with soft touch control.

Regarding its ring, the company says that with the help of this smart ring, users can play and stop music. The most important thing about this ring is that it will also be able to click photos and navigate applications. Let me tell you, this Ring Boat works with the Ring app. Got a rating of 5ATM for this water resistant.

Features of Noise Luna Smart

Talking about the features of Noise Luna, it is very light and slim. The titanium of the fighter jet grate has been used in designing it. Apart from this, it has been given a diamond-like coating, which makes it scratchproof and water-resistant. Infrared sensors have been installed inside the Noise Luna ring, including a PPG sensor, temperature sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, and charging pin.

Noise Luna smart ring includes a heart rate track and an SPO2 sensor for blood oxygen. The NoiseFit app is also getting support in this ring. It is made from sturdy material that will not scratch easily. The smart sensors inside this ring are very accurate, so you will get accurate readings about your health. This ring is like having a little health expert to guide you.


There is a war going on between the two companies in the country regarding smart wearables. Noise has launched its smart ring some time ago. In whose collision the bot has also launched the boAt Smart Ring. Boat Smart Ring has also been listed on the company’s site. Both the rings are very similar in appearance. So let’s know about it in detail, what is the difference between the two?


How much does a smart ring cost?

Here Boat Smart Ring – 8,999 and Noise Luna Ring Price – 2,000 INR.

What sensors are used in smart rings?

The variety of sensors used in smart rings includes a heart or pulse monitor (usually infrared or optical), a 3-axis accelerometer (for tracking movements like walking, running, sleeping, etc.), a gyroscope (for detecting both movement and balance), an EDA sensor (for tracking emotions, feelings, and etc.)

What color ring is best?

Your skin will either be light, medium, or dark. If you have a warm skin tone, yellow gold, and coppery colours will complement your complexion and look beautiful.

Can smart rings make calls?

some smart rings can allow the wearer to make phone calls while paired with a compatible mobile phone.

Why is a smart ring better than a smartwatch?

Accuracy is the one thing that makes smart rings superior to smartwatches in terms of fitness and activity tracking.

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