Best Law University in India 2023

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Best Law University In India 2023: Being a lawyer is the most demanding and respectful career in society. Lawyer provides legal services for their clients. You can expect an average salary of 8-10 lakh per annum in India.

There are several types of lawyers available in this field. Students can pursue specific categories as per their interests. The most popular lawyer types are Intellectual property lawyers, General counsels, corporate advisors, etc. Students who want to follow such categories should complete an undergraduate degree (LLB/BBL) after their 12th.

Now the question is, which is the best Law University In India? Don’t worry. Below we give you the top 20 best Law institutions in 2023.

Best Law University In India 2023

Top 20 Best Law Universities In India 2023

Before starting, keep a few things in mind. Almost every national law college asks for a Common Law Admission Test(CLAT) clearance. So students should make sure they have enough scores before applying to the university.

Try to select your college based on your location and facility needs. You can visit the official sites of your law college chosen to get more details.

NLSIU Bangalore –

National Law School of India University, Bangalore, was established in 1986. This is the top-ranking law college in 2021. Indeed, this was the first university in India that provided law education. Students should clear the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) before applying for college.

Besides, the university takes one-time admission fees of rs 8,250. For B.A. L.L.B. (Hons) total fee is 2.89 lakh in 2022. Some other degrees you can pursue at the university are

  • L.L.M – Rs.80,100
  • M.P.P – 1,22,300
  • L.L.D – Rs.68,333

N.L.U. Hyderabad

Nalsar Law University, Hyderabad is another popular law university in India. In 2019 the university ranked in 3rd position across the country. Indeed, this famous institution is known for its five-year integrated undergraduate law degree.

For that course, they were the first provider in the country. Nalsar Law University was established in 1998 to provide the most committed law and justice education.

For B.A. L.L.B. (Hons) total fee is 8.30 lakh for five years. Visit the official site to get more info. “Best Law University In India”

Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat

This is among the top 70th law universities worldwide. Three years ago, Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat, was India’s no.1 law school. Indeed, this institution was established in 2009 in Sonepat.

Since then, they have been fully committed to providing the most dedicated law education for global students. Total fees for B.A L.L.B (Hons) is 27,50,000.

For a Bachelor Of Legislative Law (L.L.B.), the required fee is 18,00,000. Besides, there are master’s and other degrees available to pursue. For more info, visit their official site –

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N.L.U. Delhi – National Law University

In 2008, the most prestigious law university, N.L.U. Delhi was established in India. Indeed, this institution owns 26+ research centers and teaches all decorated-level legal courses.

Besides, it is the most popular institution where the top successful lawyers in the country pass out each year. BA LL B, L.L. M, 2-year Ph.D., and 1-year Post Graduate Diploma are available to pursue.

The fees of N.L.U. Delhi depends on courses. Still, the charges vary between 97K to 1.5K. Students should pass out the All India Law Entrance Test(AILET) for free admission with a valid score.

N.L.U. Jodhpur – National Law University

This was India’s top 5th-ranked law school in 2016. Indeed, the institution has an overall rating of 7.5/10. Since 1990, N.L.U. Jodhpur has been offering dedicated law courses.

Besides, this is the most well-known law school that U.G.C. recognizes) (BCI), and the and (MHRD). Indeed the college promotes several healthy activities and top-notch facilities. Before admission, students should go through Common Law Admission Test.CLAT. Higher common law studies can be pursued at the college.

Course fees vary between 1.5lakh to 2lakh each. Besides, there are other fees like 12K ( admission fees), 55K tuition fees, and others. “Best Law University In India”

NUJS Kolkata – The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences

In 2016, this was the Top 4th-ranking law university in India. NUJS Kolkata was established in 1990 BY N. R. Madhava Menon. Indeed, this premier public law school is known for its student’s performance and achievements worldwide.

Many experts called this university the Colombia of the east. This university comes under the University Grants Commission (U.G.C.), section 2(f). Furthermore, the college rates 7.5/10 based on its performance and learning facilities.

B.A.LL.B-Hons and B.Sc.LL.B-Hons have a total fee of Rs.2,31,600. Besides, the LL.M and M.B.L. courses are also available to pursue. Visit the official site – For more info.

S.L.S. Pune – Symbiosis Law School

Symbiosis Law School was founded in 1997 by S. B. Mujumdar. Indeed, the college has several tie-ups with top global institutions. The government awarded this university for giving more scholarships to S.C. & S.T. students. 7.1/10 is the overall rating of this law university.

Five years of B.B.A. and L.L.B. Hons and three years of L.L.B. courses are offered by the college. Approx fees vary between 15 lahks to 2 lahks for specific classes. Before pursuing any procedure, the students should clear the symbiosis Entrance Test (S.E.T.).

RGNUL Patiala – Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law

In 2014, this was the top 5th-ranking law school in India. RGNUL Patiala was founded in 2006 as the legal education center of Punjab. Indeed the college is known for its dedicated BA LLB (Hons) and L.L.M. programs.

Clearing the Common Law Admission Test(CLAT) is necessary for entering college. For BA LLB & LLM courses, charges vary approx 1,31,000 to 95000. Besides, you can pursue five years of BA LLB (Hons) and two years of P.H.D. Programs from this college. For more info, visit the official site “Best Law University In India”

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NLIU Bhopal (Best Law University In India)-

As per the ten best-emerging law institutions (2016), National Law Institute University, Bhopal, was India’s 3rd ranking law college. NLIU was founded in 1997 by the Rashtriya Vidhi Sansthan Vishwavidyalaya Adhiniyam.

Indeed the college primarily provides five legal courses. Still, the popular education programs are BA LLB (Hons) and L.L.M. Most importantly, the university offers top-class faculties and placements and better infrastructure. R.S. 1,53,500 is the primary course fee for five years B.A.LL.B-Hons. While Rs.1,18,500 is the fee of L.L.M. Visit the official site –

J.M.I. New Delhi – Jamia Millia Islamia

This is among the oldest and most famous law universities in India. Indeed the institution was first established in 1920 during the British raj. In 2021, this will be the country’s 6th-ranked legal education college.

Indeed the college has an average 6.8/10 rating for overall performance. A 5-year Bachelor of (B.A.LL.B)-Hons and a 2-year(L.L. M) are two popular courses offered by the university. The admission process varies in the performance of the entrance exam.

Furthermore, the course fees can increase from RS.17000 to 20000 per year. Visit the official site For more details.

AIL Mohali –

This is the 16th-ranked law school in India. The Army Institute of Law is known for its army welfare education system. Indeed, this is a privately funded institution first established in 1999 by the Indian army.

Furthermore, the college takes the Army Institute of Law-Law Entrance Test(AIL-LET) before admitting students. For a 5-year Bachelor of Laws (B.A.L.L.B), The course fee is 88000 per year. In contrast, 1-year Master of Laws(L.L.M.) takes R.S. 50000 per year. “Best Law University In India”

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N.L.U. Lucknow – 

Lohiya National Law University was founded in 2005 by Dr. Ram Manohar. N.L.U. Lucknow is known for its top-class undergraduate and postgraduate legal education.

Indeed, the institution comes among the country’s top 17 best law schools. Clearing the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is necessary before applying for their courses.

  • 5-year Bachelor of Arts+Bachelor of Laws(B.A.LL.B)-Hons
  • 2-year Master of Laws(L.L. M)
  • 2-year Ph.D. courses

The above education is available to pursue from this college. Course fees can vary between R.S. 50000 to R.S. 1,1000 per year.

HNLU Raipur (Best Law University In India)-

This is the top 20th-ranking law college in India. Hidayatullah National Law University is known as one of the most significant legal luminaries in the country. Hon’ble Shri Justice Mohammad Hidayatullah has been its founder since it was established in 2003.

HNLU Raipur has a 5.9/10 rating best on their overall performance. Besides, they offer five years (B.A.LL.B) at 1,44,00 per year. While the two years L.L. M course fee can go up to RS.75000/year.

Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University New Law College

As per the 2016 report, this was India’s top 5th-ranking law college. Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University Law College was established in 1964 by Dr. Kadam, Pune. Indeed the college is known for its placement record and top company tie-ups.

Furthermore, this is one of the best private law colleges in the country. Their five years B.A.LL.B courses charge Rs.20,333 per year. In contrast, their 3-year Bachelor of Law(LL.B) takes R.S. 35000 per annum.

ILS Pune (Best Law University In India)-

Indian Law Society Law College was founded in 1924. Indeed the college is also known as Puna law school. ILS Pune offers a top-class environment for teaching and research. Indeed, it is a government-authorized law school in the country. In 2016 this was the top 6th-ranking law school in India.

The college has a 6.1/10 rating based on its overall education system. Clearing the Common Entrance Test(MAH-CET) is required before admission. Their yearly fee for B.A.L.L.B is Rs.33,000 per annum. “Best Law University In India”

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GNLU Gandhinagar –

Gujarat National Law University was established in 2003. They have a mission to provide advanced and determined legal education to Indian students. GNLU Gandhinagar is known for its ten dedicated legal courses.

However, their BA LLB (Hons) and L.L.M. programs are more popular among students. Furthermore, GNLU is the 7th best law school in India. The institution has a 7.3/10 rating based on its overall education faculties—their yearly fees for B.A.L.L.B-Hons, B.Sc.LL.B-Hons, and B.Com.LL.B-Hons are Rs.1,47,400. For more details, visit the official site-

SLCU Bangalore – 

This is among the most popular private law schools in India. Indeed, the college comes under the 25th best-ranking legal education institution in 2021.

School of Law, Christ University (SLCU Bangalore ) is known for its top-class infrastructure and education facilities. Min 45% mark at P.U.C. Clearing the SLCU Law Entrance Examination is necessary for admission.

  • BA LLB at UG level
  • LLM
  • MPP
  • Also, MBL

Above are the courses you can pursue at this institution. “Best Law University In India”

A.M.U. Aligarh

Syed Ahmad Khan is the founder of Aligarh Muslim University. Indeed, this is among the oldest law schools in India, which was established in 1875.

Furthermore, this institution offers 13 different “A” grade education, including law, technology, engineering arts, etc. For five years, BA LLB (HONS) college charges approx 2 lacks for the first year.

CNLU Patna – 

Chanakya National Law University was established in 2006. Indeed, this is a government-funded public law school. CNLU Patna is known for its infrastructure and education system across Bihar. They also teach BA LLB and L.L.M. programs at their college.

N.L.U. Odisha – 

National Law University, Odisha founded in 2009 and ranked 18th across the country. Indeed the college offers dedicated legal education and better faculties.

BA LLB Hons is the top education pursued by most students. 6.5/10 is the average rating of this college based on overall performance. Clearing the Common Law Admission Test(CLAT) is required before applying for the courses.

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So above are the top 20 Best Law Universities In India. Every national university asks for CLAT for admission. Besides, the students should pass 10+2 with determined college scores accordingly. Visit the official sites of law colleges to get more details.

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