Top 10 Best Face Changer App for Andriod and iPhone

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Top 10 best face changer app for andriod and iPhone: In today’s time, almost every person is active on social media. You must be using social media through one or the other platform, be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta, or Snapchat. Apart from this, there are many social media apps.

Today the craze of face-swapping is increasing rapidly on these social platforms. Some people do it to increase their followers, some do it for their fantasy, but almost everyone does it. You can use this face-swapping app to entertain your friends, get creative with selfies, and increase your social media followers.

Seeing the increasing craze of face-swapping, there are many top face-swapping apps available in the market. But not all face changer apps have features that can click a good picture. In such a situation, if you are also in doubt about which face changer apps you should use, then after reading this article, your problem will be solved. In this article, we have told about Top 10 best face changer app for Android and iPhone devices, it includes their specialty, features, how to use, etc.

Top 10 Best Face Changer App for Android and iPhone

The Top 10 Best Face Changer App for Android and iPhone have been mentioned in the table below. You can download them from both Play Store and App Store. A link to install has also been placed in front of the app name, by clicking on it you can install these apps.

App Name Install in Andriod Install in ios
Snapchat Click Here Click Here
FaceApp Click Here Click Here
Face Swap Live Click Here Click Here
Reface Click Here Click Here
Face Swap Booth Click Here Click Here
B612 Click Here Click Here
Cupace Click Here
Faceover Click Here
Face Changer Click Here
MixBooth Click Here
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Best Face Changer App

In today’s social media-driven world, face-swapping has become a popular trend for entertainment and creative expression. To cater to this demand, numerous face changer apps have emerged, offering unique features to enhance your selfies and engage with your followers. If you’re unsure which face changer app to choose, this article provides an overview of the top 10 best face swaping app for Android and iPhone devices.

Each app is listed with its name, availability for Android and iOS, and links to install. The featured apps include popular choices like Snapchat, FaceApp, Reface, and B612, each offering distinct functionalities and effects. Whether you want to transform your appearance or create hilarious face swaps, these apps will cater to your needs.


Snapchat is a leading face-changing app with over 200 million daily active users, is renowned for its video and photo sharing capabilities. Among its wide array of features, face swapping stands out as a user favorite. This feature allows users to seamlessly exchange faces in their photos and videos. To engage in face swapping on Snapchat, simply position your finger on the screen where the desired face is located while capturing a photo or recording a video.

This action prompts a range of face-swapping options to appear at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, users can explore even more face-swapping options by tapping the search icon for text-based alternatives. Snapchat is freely available for download on both Android and iOS devices, users can easily download this best face swaping app from the play store & app Store. 


If you want to replace a celebrity’s face with a loving face in any of your photos, then FaceApp AI Face Editor is the best face-swapping app for this purpose. The app offers over 60 highly realistic filters, allowing you to choose from a list of celebrities or add a custom face to morph the photo. With the help of face-swapping features, you can easily morph from celebrity photos. Users can edit their photos from Face app for free and save them in the gallery.

Beyond face swap, FaceApp AI Face Editor offers additional features such as gender swap, age filter for both young and old, weight filter, and many more. You can use different filters within the app to do the editing you want. The app’s AI technology works flawlessly, especially for photo editing and retouching. For a touch of humor, FaceApp AI Face Editor is one of the best face-swapping apps available to give your photos a funny twist.

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Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live is one of the best top face-switching video apps. Through this application, users can change the face in their pictures. They can also swap the face of friends or any celebrity in place of their face in the photo. Before using face swapping, users can either take a selfie or import an image from their gallery into the app.

The Face Swap Live app offers a wide range of face selection effects, including preloaded options or the option to search for a specific image to change. Both video and still photos can be used with Face Swap Live, allowing for versatile creative possibilities. One of the best features of the face swap live is the ability to apply face filters in real-time during video recording.


Reface, formerly known as Doublicat, is a popular face-swiping app that allows users to swap their faces with celebrities in videos and GIFs. While primarily known for its deepfake capabilities, Reface has gained viral popularity as a platform for creating humorous and quirky face swaps to share with friends. Reface offers a diverse collection of GIFs and images that users can utilize to create their own unique GIFs.

Furthermore, the app’s developers regularly add new templates, ensuring a constant stream of fresh content for users to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re looking to have some fun with face swapping or create entertaining content, Reface provides an engaging and ever-expanding selection of features and templates to enhance your experience.

Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth is one of the best face-swapping apps out there. On which you get a collection of faces. You can add faces manually through this app or you can also use the face swap feature automatically. You can take pics of different persons to the faces present on this app. Additionally, the app also provides an option to replace your own face with the faces of various celebrities already included.

In addition, Face Swap Booth provides advanced editing tools, amusing face masks, and many more features to enhance your face-swapping creations. While there is a free version of the app available, it comes with limitations. To unlock unlimited photo saving, face swapping, ad-free, watermark removal, and additional features, you can purchase Face Swap Booth premium which costs $2.99.

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B612 is a popular beauty and filter camera app renowned for capturing stunning selfies. But it also offers another feature like Face Swap feature. To access this feature, simply launch the app and click on the Smiley icon. From the menu, select the face swap option. It’s important to note that the face swap feature in B612 works exclusively in real-time, requiring two people to be present in the shot.

Once you’ve enabled the face swap option, you can start recording a video or take a picture, and the B612 app will automatically swap the faces of the individuals in the frame. The real-time functionality adds an element of spontaneity and fun to the face-swapping experience. While B612 is primarily known for its beauty filters and selfie capabilities, its Face Swap feature provides an additional entertaining aspect for users to enjoy while capturing memorable moments with their friends and loved ones.


Cupace is a user-friendly best photo editing app that offers a convenient feature known as Paste Face. This feature enables you to effortlessly take someone’s face from one image and overlay it onto another person’s face. What sets Cupace apart is its ability to manually extract faces from any image, making it a versatile tool for various creative applications.

Using Cupace, you can easily crop a face from an image and select the target image where you want to paste the face. The app provides the option to zoom in on the image, ensuring precise and accurate face cutouts. Once you have cropped the face, it is saved within the app, allowing you to use it for multiple image-pasting projects. Whether you’re looking to perform a face swap or add a face to an inanimate object, Cupace simplifies the process with its intuitive interface and effective face extraction capabilities. 


Faceover is an impressive face-swapping app that provides the facility to swap faces in both photos and videos. Faceover’s interface is very user-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of users. With a diverse collection of preloaded images ranging from celebrities to superheroes, Faceover gives you ample options for changing faces.

Using Faceover is very easy. Users simply need to tap on the desired template and select the secondary image. In a matter of seconds, the app creates a stunning face-swapped image. Additionally, Faceover Deepfake also offers video face swaps, allowing users to do even more creative editing. There is both a free version and a premium version of this app available.

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Face Changer

Face Changer is an entertaining app that offers you a wide range of unique filters, masks, and stickers. You can use these to replace your friends’ faces with yours. With its instant face-swapping capabilities, the application can quickly transform faces in real-time, considering factors such as lighting and position to ensure realistic results. The app also lets you create short videos with face swapping.

To get optimal results, it’s important to include a second person in the picture, as the app’s functionality depends on two faces. You cannot use it alone unless you have another face with you. Face Changer app has gained popularity in the past, and has been widely downloaded by users. Although its iOS version has not come yet.


With MixBooth, you can effortlessly transform yourself into a celebrity or any famous individual within seconds. The app offers a user-friendly experience, requiring you to select a picture containing the desired face you wish to adopt as your own. Once chosen, MixBooth automatically swaps the faces for you. Whether you capture new photos or import images from your photo library or Facebook account, the app supports a range of options.

To preview the final result, simply shake your phone, providing a sneak peek into the transformed image. If satisfied, you can save the photo directly to your device or share it on any social media platform of your preference. MixBooth makes the face-swapping process straightforward, allowing you to indulge in playful transformations and share hilarious or astonishing results with your friends and followers.


Face changer apps have become a popular trend in today’s social media world. With the increasing craze for face swapping, numerous apps have emerged, offering a wide range of features and functionalities. In this article, we have highlighted the top 10 best face-changer apps for both Android and iPhone devices.

These apps provide users with the ability to swap faces, add filters, masks, and stickers, and create entertaining and creative content. Some of the featured apps include Snapchat, FaceApp, Reface, Face Swap Booth, B612, Cupace, Faceover, Face Changer, and MixBooth. Each app offers unique features and effects, catering to different preferences and creative needs.

Whether you want to entertain your friends, enhance your selfies, or increase your social media following, these face-changer apps provide a range of options. You can easily download these apps from the Play Store or App Store for iPhone devices.

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How to use the face changer app?

Face Changer Apps is very easy to use, however, you can watch tutorials of any app you want to use.

Is Face Swap App Safe?

Generally famous face swap apps are safe, they do not pose any threat to your data. Still, you can read the privacy policy of the app for safety, and how they use your data.

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