Best Caller Name Announcer Apps 2023

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Imagine that you are busy with some of your important work, and in the meantime, someone calls on your mobile in the other room. Your work is important, so without leaving work, you want to know which person’s call was received on your phone.

In this situation, you will need a technique that announces the name of the caller as soon as the call comes. IPhone has a special feature called Siri which announces the caller’s name as soon as the call comes. On the other hand, if you want such a facility in Android, you have to install Caller Name Announcer Apps on your phone.

Luckily, there are third-party apps available on the Play Store that can announce caller names, as well as read messages. These caller name announcer apps for Android provide a convenient solution to stay informed about incoming calls without interrupting your current activities.

Caller Name Announcer Apps List

By using a third-party caller name announcer app on your Android smartphone, you can enjoy the same level of caller identification convenience that iPhone users have with Siri. These apps provide a hands-free way to stay connected and informed, enhancing your overall user experience. In this article, we are going to tell you about the 5 Best Caller Name Announcer Apps available on Playstore.

The Caller’s Name Announcer Flash on call and SMS

Caller Name Announcer is a feature-rich app designed to enhance your calling and messaging experience. It not only announces the names of incoming callers and senders of SMS but also provides information about the content of the messages. A standout feature of this app is its capability to flash the mobile backlight when receiving calls or SMS. This feature guarantees that you stay promptly informed and never miss a crucial notification.


1. Call and SMS Notifications
Caller Name Announcer excels in delivering real-time call and SMS notifications. When a call is received the app will audibly announce the name of the caller.

2. Flashing Mobile Backlight
To ensure that you never miss an important call or SMS, Caller Name Announcer intelligently utilizes the mobile backlight. When a call or SMS arrives the app activates the backlight on your phone, causing it to flash.

3. Controllable in Any Phone Mode
Caller Name Announcer is designed to seamlessly integrate with your phone’s settings. Irrespective of the phone mode you are in, like silent mode, vibrate mode, or normal mode, the app is in complete control.

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Caller Name Talker

Caller Name Talker is an advanced mobile application that offers a range of features beyond just announcing the caller’s name. The primary goal of this app is to enable you to answer or ignore calls effortlessly using voice commands, making it a convenient and hands-free solution.


1. Volume Control:- You can regulate the volume of the app’s voice prompts according to your preferences.

2. Voice-Activated Call Management:- Voice Assistant Caller prioritizes hands-free call management, minimizing the need for visual interaction. With voice instructions, users effortlessly handle incoming calls, including answering, ignoring, activating speakerphone mode, and more, without needing to check the screen, enhancing convenience and productivity.

3. Multi-Language Support:- Voice Assistant Caller supports over 10 languages, ensuring that users from various regions can take advantage of its features.

4. Customized Alerts and Contact Muting:- For added personalization, the app allows you to set customized alerts for specific contacts.

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Caller Name Speaker

Caller Name Speaker is a comprehensive app designed to simplify your daily routine. Its primary objective is to free you from the constant need to check your screen to identify incoming callers. This enables you to drive safely and handle calls seamlessly while you’re engaged in other tasks. In addition to announcing the caller’s name, this app can also vocalize incoming SMS notifications and messages from popular online messenger apps.


1. Hands-Free Call Management:- Daily Assistant Caller ensures that you can manage your calls without visual distractions. This app promotes safe and convenient call handling by eliminating the need to look at your screen.

2. Custom Notifications and Reports:- With Daily Assistant Caller, you can set custom notifications for specific contacts. This feature allows you to easily identify important calls and prioritize them accordingly. Additionally, you have the option to disable call reports for selected contacts, providing a more personalized call management experience.

3. Flashlight Alerts:- The app includes flashlight alerts that notify you of incoming calls even if you are not near your phone. This feature ensures that you never miss an important call.

4. Optimized Reporting for WhatsApp Calls and Other Messengers:- Daily Assistant Caller allows you to configure specific reporting settings for incoming WhatsApp calls and calls from other messenger apps.

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Z’s Caller Name Announcer

Z’s Caller is an innovative app designed to assist you in managing your calls effectively. By utilizing smart technologies, this app pronounces the names of incoming callers, providing a seamless and personalized call experience. It also extends its functionality to voice SMS notifications and messages from popular messenger apps. With customizable settings and advanced features, Z’s Caller enhances your call management capabilities.


1. Smart Caller Identification:- Z’s Caller utilizes advanced technologies to identify incoming callers. However, it cannot voice private numbers, ensuring privacy and security. This feature enables you to know the identity of the caller without needing to look at your screen.

2. Custom Announcements and Call Disabling:- With Z’s Caller, you have the flexibility to set custom announcements for specific contacts. This allows for easy recognition of important callers and personalized call handling.

3. Ringtone and Voice Customization:- The app allows you to customize the sound of your ringtone and the voice used for call announcements. You can select from various options available within the app.

4. Report Repeat and Delay Intervals:- Z’s Caller provides options to set the repetition and delay intervals for call announcements. You can configure the frequency at which the app repeats the caller’s name and set the delay before the announcement begins.

5. Voice SMS and Messenger Notifications:- Z’s Caller goes beyond call announcements and also supports vocalizing SMS notifications. You can configure the app to announce the title of the sender or even the entire SMS content. Additionally, the app can read incoming messages from popular messenger apps like WhatsApp.

6. Custom Notification Settings:- In the app’s settings, you can customize notification preferences for specific contacts or apps.

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Caller Name Announcer

Caller Name Announcer is an intuitive app that reads the names of incoming callers aloud, providing you with convenient call assistance. This app is designed to assist you in situations where due to physical limitations you cannot access your phone, such as driving or leaving your phone in another room, etc. Along with announcing caller names, the app also pronounces SMS messages and texts from various messenger apps.


1. Caller Name Announcement:- Caller Name Announcer Plus excels at reading the titles of incoming callers, allowing you to identify them audibly.

2. Vocalized SMS and Messenger Messages:- In addition to announcing calls, the app can vocalize SMS notes and messages received from popular messenger apps. due to this feature, you always stay up to date with important messages without the need to read them manually.
3. Voice Selection and Volume Optimization:- Caller Name Announcer offers voice selection options, allowing you to choose the voice of the announcer that suits your preferences.

4. Custom Announcements and Exclusions:- You have the ability to create custom announcements for specific contacts, personalizing the call experience further. By defining custom settings, you can easily recognize and prioritize important callers.

5. Report Repeat and Interval Customization:- The app provides options to set the repetition and intervals for call announcements. You can configure how often the app repeats the caller’s name and set the delay between repetitions.

6. Spam Call Detection:- Caller Name Announcer initially reads only the names of callers that are already known to you. However, you can mark certain anonymous calls as spam, and the app will announce them as such.

7. Voice Instructions for Call Management:- The app supports voice instructions, enabling you to interact with it hands-free. You can use voice commands to reject or answer calls.

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FAQs (Best Caller Name Announcer Apps)

Que:- Is the caller name announcer app free?
Yes, many caller name announcer apps are free and some are paid too. In this article, we have told about the top free caller name announcer apps.

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