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Best Free Translate Language App for Android and iPhone – Best Translation App for Travel: The last two decades have been huge for the travel industry. Everyone is dipping their toes in international travel to break the monotony of everyday life.

But with that came a problem that has bothered humanity since they started venturing to unknown lands. The barrier to communication because of language is vast even in today’s date. But with modern advancement, this problem has been mostly alleviated.

Inventions such as smartphones and machine learning algorithms paired with complex language models made this possible. Today, translator apps are very much in demand among frequent travelers.

To serve their purpose, these apps need to be accurate, and they should also be easy to operate. Here are some of the best translation apps you can use while on an international journey.

Best Free Translate Language App for Android and iPhone - Best Translation App for Travel

8 Best App for Translate

Below are the 8 best translation apps which you can use for free. Drop down to know more. “Best Free Translate Language App for Android and iPhone – Best Translation App for Travel”

Microsoft Translator

With support for over 110 languages, and direct image and voice translation, this might be the app you’re looking for. This app features an exquisite user interface and is also easy to navigate.

With all icons on a single screen, it is easy to access all the services instantly. One of the standout features of this app is the real-time camera translation. All you need to do is point to a text you want to understand, and it will provide the translation in no time.

It also works exceptionally well with handwritten texts of all styles. This is helpful for travelers making it easy to navigate unfamiliar places.

Another great feature of this app might be the ability to use it even offline. Only sometimes do travelers have access to the internet, especially in remote places.

This app can work offline after downloading support for the languages you want to communicate. Having the ability to translate without the internet gives it a massive edge over other leading translator apps.

This app also provides a “Conversation” feature where a user can create a room others can join. All the texts will be translated in real time for all the participating members.

Due to features such as these, Microsoft Translator is popular among businesses. It is accessible on both Google Play Store and App Store with no hidden charges. “Best Free Translate Language App for Android and iPhone – Best Translation App for Travel”

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Waygo Translator

Waygo is a top-rated translation app used majorly by travelers visiting Asia. This app is proficient at translating Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Like the previous entry, this app also provides a real-time camera translation.

All you need to do is point your camera at the text you want to translate, and immediately, you will receive a translation on your screen. This can be used offline and is a great help for all travelers.

Waygo also features a fast translation algorithm that helps partake in a conversation. This app also saves frequently used translation and history logs which the user can access offline.

Waygo is an efficient and user-friendly app regarding its user interface. It is lightweight but offers tons of features that might be helpful for the users.

While using the free version of this app, you get ten free translations every day. To bypass the restriction, they sell a premium upgrade which you can get for as low as $6.99, and a complete package for $11.99.

This is an in-app purchase and is transferable to your other devices. Waygo’s base version can be downloaded free on Appstore and Google Play Store.


With support for more than 100 languages and instant translation, this app is easily one of the most recommended applications. iTranslate offers a variety of valuable tools for travelers, businessmen, and folks who are new learners.

iTranslate boasts a combined download count of 50 million in Google Play Store, with an excellent rating. Like previous entries, real-time text and speech translation is a given.

Users can speak into their device’s microphone and receive the instant translation. This makes it easy to converse with people who speak other languages.

Aside from these features, it also flaunts a built-in dictionary which tremendously helps new learners. It provides definitions, synonyms, and example sentences for individual words, which assists many such users.

iTranslate also allows users to save translations and access them offline. This is especially useful for travelers who might need to use the exact phrase multiple times during their trip. These logs are also useful for learners as they no longer need to memorize all the words in one go.

Conversation mode is another feature that enables users to converse with someone who speaks a different language. This app will automatically translate the speech for everyone involved in the conversation.

This makes conducting group meetings with people of various cultures much easier. The text-only version of iTranslate is free to use, but if you want more, you can purchase their premium versions for $9.99 onwards. “Best Free Translate Language App for Android and iPhone – Best Translation App for Travel”

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Google Translate

Google translate is the most widely used translation application developed by Google to translate texts, speech, and pictures. This lightweight app is available on Android and iOS with no hidden charges.

It took very little for this app to become an instant hit among travelers. It has support for over 100 languages and is very accurate with translation. Aside from regular features such as camera capture and text translation, it shows its edge in voice translation.

Google Translate can instantly translate any word and prints them word by word as the speaker goes on. It also updates dynamically to be as grammatically accurate as possible. The whole UI is straightforward, and finding any feature isn’t hard.

There is also the conversation mode which is helpful for anyone intending to converse with another person. It accepts two spoken languages and provides the instant translation in the form of text. You can also use the text-to-speech service for reading the message out loud.

You can also use the “Auto” button to listen to both languages simultaneously and print the translation on the screen. Another great feature of this app is that it can automatically detect the language being spoken or written. This is especially important for travelers in regions with diverse cultures and languages.

If you navigate the options under your profile, you can download languages of your choice so the app can translate even if there is no Internet connectivity. This fantastic app can be found on all application stores of all platforms for free.


TripLingo is a language-learning app specifically made with international travelers’ needs in mind. This app aims to bring a much more fulfilling experience while conversing.

While this app features essential services such as voice and image translators, it also provides vital features for folks who want to engage more with the locals. Features such as ‘Phrasebooks’ goes a long way in helping you connect with people. With support for 2000+ phrases per language, you will find it easier to converse.

TripLingo also provides Wi-Fi dialer if you want to cut some costs on roaming fees. Use this app to talk over the Wi-Fi for no extra charge. They also offer numerous learning tools which you can use to improve your skills in a given language.

You have audio lessons, interactive flashcards, and various quizzes to help you in this venture. Aside from these features, the app also provides you with tools to keep yourself safe. You can now quickly contact the authorities even if you don’t know the emergency lines of the country.

If you are new to a country, TripLingo improves your experience by providing you with Cultural Notes. This helps you understand the various conventions of the place and inform you of the cultural manners. This incredible tool can be downloaded for free on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. “Best Free Translate Language App for Android and iPhone – Best Translation App for Travel”

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SayHi is a top-rated translation app prevalent among folks who opt for simplicity. Being a subsidiary of the tech giant Amazon, no effort was spared to make it one of the best translation apps.

The main aim of this app was not to overpack it with various features, just the ones you would specifically want from a translation app. SayHi boasts of its conversational translation, which is having a conversation in two languages simultaneously.

It supports over one hundred languages from around the world. In addition, this app has no problem understanding the local dialect of the selected language.

SayHi isn’t one of your regular translation apps; it features customizability for the voice assistant. You can choose from various languages and accents and, at the same time, adjust the pace, which is perfect for you.

This makes it much more comfortable to interact with. You also can choose the gender of the voice in this app. This app has been well received on the internet, considering it received 4.7/5 stars on App Store.

SayHi is deemed reliable for translations and is regarded as one of the best at it. You can also download this fantastic app for free on Google Play Stores, Apple App Stores, and Amazon Appstore.

Papago (Best App for Translate)

Papago is a translation app that specializes in Asian Languages such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese Indonesian, etc. to name a few. Aside from these languages, Papago also supports Russian, German, Italian, and Spanish translations.

This is a cloud-based translation service provider developed by Naver Corporation. Papago uses a neural machine translation, allowing it to learn from its mistakes. Simply put, this application gets better over time.

It already provides an excellent service comparable to other big names in this article. This translation model allows the user to understand all the local dialects.

The image presentation feature sets this app apart from the rest. For example, if you search for “りんご” (Apple), it will show you the translation and an image to present a better picture.

This app is great for new learners and especially helpful for children who can pick up on visual cues. You can also download dedicated sections for kids to help them learn new languages and words. This app provides all these outstanding features alongside the regular features, so you aren’t missing out on anything. You can get this app for free on any Appstore. “Best Free Translate Language App for Android and iPhone – Best Translation App for Travel”

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Dictionary Linguee

This is different from all other entries in this article. Dictionary Linguee is meant to be used alongside translation apps. This app is helpful for folks trying to learn a new language and curious about certain words.

This app not only provides a translation of a word but also defines it and shows the usage of the word in a sentence. This feature can help you mold your sentence-forming skills in other languages.

Dictionary Linguee has plenty more features. You can conduct searches to and from various languages to help you form a better idea about the language.

This app promises a reliable translation and quickly discovers new cultures. With millions of example sentences at its disposal, Linguee allows one to learn the informal implementation of a language.

Linguee offers numerous language pairs, which include bilingual sentence pairs as well. You can also access the file translation feature on its official website. It provides a free translation of your whole file to your desired language. Linguee also boasts the title of the most accurate translator.

Hence they released DeepL to challenge Google’s dominance in the world of translation. You can find Dictionary Linguee in any reputable App Store free of any cost.

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Conclusion (Best App for Translate)

The need for translation is growing by the day. We as a species are coming closer than ever, and because of that, we are re-encountering an age-old issue, the language barrier.

“Best Free Translate Language App for Android and iPhone – Best Translation App for Travel” provides an intelligent way to help you alleviate this issue and let you freely communicate with people around the globe. All the apps listed in this article are some of the best in this industry, and they all deliver what they promise. Aside from regular translation services, many provide essential features for travelers.

All these apps try to cater to a range of groups. So now it depends entirely on your requirements which one to choose. All you need to know is all these apps will stand up to your expectation or might even exceed it.

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