6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker

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6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker. how to track location by phone number. top 6 Location Tracker app by phone number: In today’s rapidly evolving digital scenario, the use of mobile has increased tremendously.

In such a situation, people often want to know about the 6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker. People search a lot about how to track location by phone number. If you also want to know how to track a location by phone number then read this article completely. The ability to track the location of a mobile number has become a matter of both intrigue and practicality.

Be it for personal security, to keep an eye on your loved ones, or even to investigate suspicious activities. The advent of advanced technologies and sophisticated tracking tools have enabled individuals to find information on how to track a phone, which has led to the development of a variety of mobile number tracker apps. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the 6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker.

6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker

There are many ways to track phone location by mobile number. There are many such websites and applications on the Internet, through which the location of the phone number can be easily tracked. Apart from the applications, there are many ways using which the phone can be tracked by mobile number.

Which includes telecom operator services, mobile security apps, etc. But in this article, we are going to tell you about the 6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker, so let’s know the top 6 Location Tracker app by phone number.

Top 6 Location Tracker App by Phone Number

Tool NameLink
BmobileClick Here
Bhartiya MobileClick Here
NumlookerClick Here
ClevGuardClick Here
QrailClick Here
India TraceClick here
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Bmobile is a specialized Indian website that allows people to track the location of a phone using a mobile number. You can avail of the facility of location tracking from any mobile number anywhere within the country of India.

The BMobile platform, exclusively dedicated to this service, prominently features a large mobile tracker bar on its homepage in a user-friendly interface. By visiting the official website of this tool, users can easily enter their mobile number and press the button “Enter” to start the process.

Increasingly, the website provides detailed information about the mobile number entered, disclosing the location or regional details corresponding to the mobile number provided. Hence it becomes one of the top 6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker. Unique focus and intuitive design make Bmobile the most accessible solution for anyone looking to trace mobile number locations in India.

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Bhartiya Mobile

This Indian website offers a diverse array of services encompassing mobile number tracking, state-wise STD code retrieval, RTO office-based vehicle location tracing, IP address identification, Google page ranking assessment, identification of nearby FM radio stations, provision of India-centric mobile applications, free SMS services, and more.

The provided link leads users to a dedicated page for mobile number location tracking. With a simple click, users can enter the desired mobile number into the tracking box and press “enter.” The platform rapidly reveals the real-time location of the specified mobile number, accompanied by supplementary details such as the mobile operator and the signaling technology in use (GSM/CDM).


NumLooker is a popular mobile number-tracking tool. Through Numlooker, you can easily track anyone’s location by entering the phone number. The tool provides a smooth user experience. The user-friendly interface of this application provides clear search options.

You can track the location of any mobile number you want to track by entering that mobile number. The NumLooker tool instantly updates you with the latest address and location borders as you enter the number. Depending on your search type, additional details vary.

Phone location searches typically include carrier and phone type (mobile/landline) data, which increases the effectiveness of person-locating efforts. This tool greatly simplifies the process of tracking mobile numbers and getting relevant information easily.


The next tool in 6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker is CkevGuard. ClevGuard is a reputable GPS location tool that offers pretty discreet tracking capabilities. ClevGuard gives priority to user privacy and you can track location by mobile number without the other person knowing.

The ClevGuard app provides advanced safety for children in today’s digital environment and enables seamless location tracking on the dashboard. In addition, the ClevGuard tool lets you monitor various aspects of your kids’ devices, including photos, messages, browser history, and media app data. The app serves as a comprehensive solution for both monitoring the online activities of children and ensuring their safety. Through this, you can also track the location and keep a complete eye on the mobile.


  • Remote screenshots and photo capturing capability.
  • Timeline tracking of smartphone activities.
  • Installation doesn’t require jailbreaking.
  • Capture screenshots discreetly using this phone tracking app.
  • Comprehensive coverage, including social media platforms like WeChat, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Apart from this, this app also provides the facility of GPS location tracking.

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The Qrail is an Indian platform from which you can enjoy services like mobile number tracking and railway-related information. Qrail provides railway mobile number tracking, and train, and flight information. Specifically, the Qrail Mobile Tracer app enables users to track locations through mobile numbers, providing the caller with a host of information such as name, address, city, operator, state, and search history. Users can use this tool to determine or know the current and latest location of any mobile phone number within India.

Additionally, the app also provides users with the facility to report mobile numbers in the reputation and monitoring section. Qrail’s focus on mobile number tracking makes it a useful tool for those looking to locate mobile numbers accurately.

However, users need to note that due to legal restrictions, this tool never displays personally identifiable information such as names and addresses. Qrail app also provides an additional feature of live train tracking in real-time. Provides details such as arrival and departure times, station information, alerts, and even the ability to order food at select stations.

Indian Trace

India Trace mobile tracking app is an important tool in the 6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker. This tool is designed to trace and track the exact live location of mobile numbers in India. By using this tool users can easily trace the person in front of them without knowing them.

It works as a means of determining the current whereabouts of mobile phone users. The app uses sophisticated algorithms and advanced technology to provide information like location details, network operator name and even tracking IP address when the mobile number is entered.

This Indian tracking app adds efficiency and convenience to users looking to monitor their or others’ mobile phone locations. However, it is important to note that it is not legal to track someone’s phone without their permission.

Many apps including India Trace Mobile Tracking App provide similar functionality to locate mobile numbers on the map. Thereby, it is ensured that the users can keep track of the movements of their loved ones or devices.

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Conclusion (6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker)

If you want to track mobile location through a number tracker app or tool, then you should read this article completely. In today’s article, we have given you information about the 6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker.

Using the tools given in this article, you can easily trace the location of any mobile number in India. These tracking tools provide details such as location, address, and network operator name of the owner linked to the mobile number using a constantly updated algorithm.

FAQs – 6 Best Ways to Track a Mobile Number Location by Number Tracker

Can I track the location by mobile number?

Yes, you can get information about the owner of the mobile number by entering the mobile number, but keep in mind that due to legal issues, you will not be able to get the name, address, etc.

Can I trace the mobile location by IMEI number?

Yes, the location of the mobile can be tracked with the IMEI number, often when the mobile is lost, the mobile is traced only with the help of the IMEI number.

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